This blog is about places to get food. It emphasizes quality, value, and vegetarian friendliness. However, quality comes first, so most or all of the places reviewed here should appeal to anyone who enjoys good food. I only review the places I would deliberately eat at again: if it’s on this blog, I recommend it.


I rate according to three categories: uniqueness, value, and vegetarian friendliness. Uniqueness measures how unusual the place is for its surroundings. A high rating indicates that there are few or no places in the same neighborhood or city where you can have a similar experience. Value measures how much you get for your money (in terms of both quality and quantity). A high rating indicates large portions of good food at a low cost. Vegetarian friendliness measures how well the place provides for vegan and vegetarian diners. A high rating indicates many substantial offerings that are vegan and vegetarian.

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